Currently, we are not shipping, but we have a plan to get shipping in place to states that have 2-day delivery from Tennessee via an established carrier. You will see a shipping fee of 1 cent when you complete an order. This is temporary until our IT person figures out how to change it. Oh, by the way, our IT guy is also the farmer, herder, husband, dog lover...  you get the idea.


Once you've bought it, it's yours. That's one more reason we're not shipping yet. Our personal standards are very high, and our food standards are even higher. Delivering locally allows us to ensure fantastic food makes it to every customer.


Payment is through a credit processing company accessed via this web site. Please select what you would like to purchase, then check out where the payment can be taken through a regular credit card processing supplier. I won't have access to your card information, so I certainly can't store it anywhere.


We're always open to wholesale inquiries. Local delivery only for now, but we're thinking really big in the future!