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The Day After...

Boy, that sounded ominous didn't it...

Here we are on 11/27/20 which yes, is the day after Thanksgiving 2020. To the best of my knowledge so far, no communities self-destructed from having family over to enjoy a meal. Yes, it is too soon to tell but really...

Anyway, we are successfully resisting the pull of black Friday 2020. It isn't that hard, I personally don't like going out to shop and doing so with 20 million of my closest friends is even less appealing. But, there are plenty of folks who like going out and doing retail battle. I hope they are having as much fun as possible. Life on the farm is mostly the same day after day. We feed animals and work on infrastructure. To some that sounds boring. Others find a nice routine comforting. Me? I just want to get it all done...

Today will consist of spending time with the new baby chicks and making sure they are comfortable. We have a good cold snap headed our way and we need to make sure we are prepared. Lots' of water lines to check and things like that.

I'm always on the lookout for simple automation tools that can help streamline life on the farm. I've been thinking about automating the coop door on our laying flock coop. I've looked at the various commercial offerings and while there are some decent units out there, the price to value calculation hasn't really floated my boat. Yes, I could build something myself but I'm on the commercial side of building automation. Sort of using a 25# sledge hammer when a regular framing hammer will do.

My buddy Austin @ Homesteady released a video yesterday of an auto door opener that caught my eye. Simple, easy to implement, and it appears to be at a good price value point.

I'm (hopefully) going to drop a video of his experience here. You will notice that the link is to Odysee.com. This is an up and coming video hosting platform that is based on a block chain system (Lbry.tv). It is a decentralized distribution platform which in non-geek speak means it is super hard to censor. These days, it is nice to have a platform that embraces content creation that desires to bring it to the audience as the creator intended.

I hope you guys have a safe and fun holiday weekend, Mark



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