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Supporting Local Businesses

This year has been tragic for many small to medium businesses in America. Many, through no fault of their own, couldn't survive the shut down orders issued by various government officials. Others have been able to find ways to work around the rules but have no customers because they can't get any amount of customer traffic in to their business.

I hope many of these folks will be able to bounce back and bring a different business to market. Entrepreneurs are a resourceful bunch and where there is a will there is a way... Small business are the heart and soul of America and we need as many thriving as possible.

This week I'm happy to feature a small business that is doing well and growing. Holler Roast Coffee is a micro roasting operation that produces some great coffee and one very unique tea.

Nicole Sauce is the proprietor of Holler Roast. She is also the driving force behind the Living Free in Tennessee podcast. That podcast features a nice variety of topics designed to spur thought and hopefully action in helping you on your personal journey to freedom.

Holler Roast Coffee has been growing well the last few years which is saying something in an incredibly crowded specialty coffee market. This year Nicole was faced with a grow/ don't grow issue. She was roasting at about 110% of what her roaster is rated at and if you know anything about mechanical equipment, running over rated capacity for long periods of time can and do result in catastrophic events. In Nicole's case she experienced the great coffee roaster fire of 2020...

Fortunately, she was able to quickly douse the flames and prevent any major loss of infrastructure. But, her roaster was toast and she had coffee to get out. She ordered parts and reached out to a ton of customers

to explain that there would be a slight delay in deliveries. This is something no business owner ever wants to experience.

In the meantime, this was the last push she needed to decided to expand her business by buying a higher capacity roaster. This is where we enter the picture. She is running a crowd funding campaign with some lofty goals. Overall it appears that the campaign is going well but there is a little room and time to push her over the top.

Please visit her campaign here: https://kickstarthollerroast.com/

Also, please check out her podcast at: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/

There is an incredibly diverse collection of people involved in the LFTN community. Chances are that there is someone active there that shares many common goals and moral objectives that you do. After visiting her page and subscribing to her podcast via your favorite podcast aggregator, look for LFTN communities on FaceBook and MeWe.

I hope you can help support the funding campaign. I know funds are tight all over but I can promise that Nicole will squeeze the dollars she gets harder than anyone you've even met. She squeezes them so hard you can often hear them singing as a soprano...

Thanks, Mark


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