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Sprout your way to quick and easy nutrition


Want a cheap and easy way to grow your own nutrition indoors for a very small initial investment? Mason Jar sprouting will have you eating fresh, nutritionally powerful sprouts within 5 days of starting.

Too good to be true? Not this time.

This one is really simple. No fancy grow lights, and no chemicals to source and mix. Just a quart or larger mason jar, a sprouting lid (you could use cheesecloth) and a few minutes a day. Here is a list of suggested materials. These are links to Amazon. At the time of publication they were not affiliate links but they could be at any time so...

1) Quart sized Mason Jar. If you don't have one - and you should, go ask a neighbor. If none of them have one you are living in the wrong place.


2) One sprouting lid. As previously mentioned you can use cheesecloth but the sprouting lids are much easier to clean and maintain.


3) Food grade sprouts. Don't worry too much about this. If you see them commercially sold as sprouts or micro green seeds they are ok for this use. In the morning, dump the water, rinse the seeds, dump any remaining water and put on your stand at an angle so any left over water can drip out of the bottom.


4) A stand to lean the jar on. Not REALLY required but beyond nice.



Get your jar and measure out 1-1.5 tablespoons of sprouting seeds. Pour them into your jar. Fill the jar about 1/2 with water and screw on the top. Set the jar in a darker area of your counter top or even in a cabinet.

Let the seeds soak around 12 hours or over night.

in the morning, dump the water, rinse the seeds, dump any remaining water and put on your stand at an angle so any left over water can drip out of the bottom.

Repeat morning and night and in around 4 days you will have sprouts. Continue to rinse twice a day even as you begin harvesting the sprouts. Monitor your consumption and soon you will know when to start your next batch.

Enjoy your fresh sprouts with as many meals as possible. They are economical and nutritious and most importantly, yummy...

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