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No MEAT???


Well, we grow food of all types. We just happen to sell meat. But, both for ourselves and for our animals we grow a lot of plant based product. As of this writing, 4/13/20, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, shelter in place decrees, and food availability.

Please remember, we don't really have a food shortage, we have a food distribution problem. Yes, folks are buying more than they normally keep on hand but that is human nature. Hopefully they are doing it the right way by buying foods that they actually eat and not some whiz bang survival pack. If you have one of those great, but it should be your last line of defense not the first. The premise is simple:

Store what you eat, and eat what you store.

The first few weeks of any event that requires you to start getting into supplies is not the time to introduce your family to out of date MRE's...

So, don't have any land, HOA prevents you from growing things (we will discuss in the future how to get around this)? Indoor hydroponics via the Kratky method may be your answer. While you are searching for Kratky, search for mason jar growing. This is probably the cheapest avenue in to Kratky hydroponics and is a good place to start.

You will need some growing vessels, some type of nutrient, some seeds and probably some grow lights. The great thing about lights is they are getting cheaper every day. I suggest Barrina indoor lights but you can grow (a bit more slowly) with regular florescent light fixtures

We started with mason jars and quickly moved to a larger setup.

In the shot above the top tub has plants that are just over a week old in it. They are growing out into what I'm calling an intermediate stage. The next tubs down are longer term grow out tubs. They have more room to grow and brighter lights above them. When it is time to harvest we don't pull the entire plant. We cut all of the larger leaves around the outside and let the smaller inside leaves grow. This is called cut and come again and maximizes the yield from each plant.

The timing of when to start the next round of plants can be a little tricky but in a few weeks you will understand the quantity of lettuce (or any other leafy green plant) your family goes through on a weekly basis.

Speaking of starting seeds...

I've been growing plants for a long time and have never seen growth like this. I'm a huge believer in hydroponic seed starting now. After 10 days:

A simple dial timer will allow you to set the lights for 18 hours of light. Your seedlings will explode in growth.

That is it for now. Special thanks to Jack Spirko @ The Survival Podcast for demonstrating this easy to learn technique


Till next time, Mark


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