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Holiday Turkeys...

This year was a tough year for poultry producers. The hatcheries were stressed out as many people decided to raise their own product for the first time. Also, the postal service decided to have a ton of delivery issues resulting in many shipments of birds that were partially or totally lost or not alive upon arrival.

We are glad to see new folks raising their own food. I think many more people and families need to do that and we are always available to help by answering as many questions as we can.

But, we still had a hard time getting product to raise. Our first shipment was 100% lost. It never showed and the postal service still can't tell us what happened to it. Hopefully whoever decided to grab the birds knew how to raise them. When that happened, the hatchery had no available production to replace the birds. We had to look long and hard to find replacement birds and frankly, we were lucky to get what we got.

We had further delivery issues and over 50% of the birds didn't survive the trip to us. Once we had the birds we really hovered over them and our losses were below 7%. This is 3-4% below normal as we usually lose about 10% but we spent a TON of time babysitting the birds.

The good thing about turkey's is once they are about 4 weeks old they become little tanks and are virtually bulletproof.

Where am I going with this? We had some contractual obligations that had to be fulfilled before we could offer birds through our normal channel. As a result, we only have 6 birds as of this writing. We, unlike many farms out there, have not raised our prices due to the food shortages. As a matter of fact, we lowered our prices on these birds as we want to make sure anyone struggling to get food had a chance to get healthy, pastured poultry.

If you want a bird please head on over to the turkey section and pick one out. I wish we had a larger selection this year but we don't. One of the truth's about boutique food production is timelines are months out. We either guess right on what we need or we don't. Once we are in the middle of the year there is no fixing incorrect projections.

So thanks, and I hope you are having a safe and productive year.


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