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Fall Garden Time

Yes, we finally got some of our fall plants in. Yes, we are weeks to maybe months late. And yes, I'm sure that by putting plants in now we MIGHT get a harvest where if we didn't plant anything I'm quite sure we wouldn't get a harvest...

Fall gardens can be a bit tricky if you push it to the edge like we have. For example, I can't remember the last time we had such cool temperatures from mid-September on. Of course, that happens the year we finally decide to try a fall garden but hey... that's the way things go.

Our main seed starting effort is centered around Parks Seeds 120 cell Bio-Dome

(well, it appears I don't have this web thing down yet...)

We actually have 3 of these in rotation. Yes, we have a ton of leafy green starts rolling now. We are going to be leafy green rich in a few weeks. However, that is for another post. For now, we want to talk about plants in the raised bed.

We planted a variety of red and green cabbage, some bloody dock, cauliflower, and broccoli. I'm hoping it will have time to get to a decent size before the days get much shorter and the temps get cooler. We do have an agribond cover to put on to protect from freezing temps so I'm not really worried about that. The good news is that if the plants don't get tall enough to harvest before they go to sleep is that we will get a good head start on an early spring harvest.

Most of the cold hardy plants won't die if given a bit of protection, they just go into a bit of hibernation. So, as long as we don't let them freeze unprotected they should finish growing when the days start getting longer.

That's the theory anyway.

The soil in this bed is in decent shape but we still did a light broad forking to loosen things up a bit and then applied a bit of composted manure. Once that was raked in we also gave it a light cover of straw to add a little extra organic matter.

Once the straw was down and spread out, we put one section of soaker hose down to that it would be easy to water.

After that we put ground cover down, burned holes in it, and placed the plants in the dirt. All in all it didn't take very long.

One of the nice things about fall gardening is you don't melt in 95* temperatures with 100% humidity.

Will it grow? I hope so. If not, we have some fall back plans that we will review in an upcoming blog.

Thanks and have a great day, Mark


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