Forested Pork


Pigs are happiest when they are allowed to lounge around and embrace their true nature. Pigs are forest creatures. Certain breeds do like to graze pastured areas but in general they like to root around and dig for bugs in the woods. We manage our herd on a weekly rotating schedule. Once a herd has been on a paddock for a week, they are moved to fresh ground and the paddock is allowed to rest. Currently the pigs will only be in a particular paddock once per year. As the fertility of the paddocks increases we will be able to add a second flock in time.

Our pigs are healthy and happy. They are fun and inquisitive and have very unique personalities. They can be pushy though... In the rare instance that they escape their paddock we are able to herd them back by teasing them with food.

The way to a pigs heart is through its stomach.