Pastured Turkey

Pastured Turkeys

Turkeys occupy a special place in our hearts here at School Bell Farm. Currently, we raise broad breasted white turkeys but only on a seasonal schedule.​  The birds are with us for about 22 weeks, but each flock always leaves a positive impression.

Turkeys are super inquisitive and curious. They seem to bond well with humans, and once they bond they stick to us like glue. Imagine going in to a paddock with 150 little brothers. They all clamor for attention, and they all want to help. They are very much "can I go?"

With our first flock, this was a bit disconcerting. They were always underfoot and pushy. We soon learned how to interact with them and after that life was a lot more fun.

We did raise a small flock of heritage turkeys at one time. They  are much harder to keep in paddocks. That experiment did not end well, but we learned a lot and have since had a chance to research them more and interact with heritage flocks on other farms. I think we will bring them back in a couple of years.