Our Community

Community is a phrase that feels a bit over used these days.

But along our journey, we have in fact become a part of several communities, both local and virtual.

No one can conquer the world by themselves. Community starts in the home. Raising animals is hard, especially the first few years as you make mistakes, learn, make more mistakes and move forward down your path. Our relationship has been tested in many different ways.

Community is also local. It's always best to meet everyone in your area. It's a lot easier to control that meeting if the first time isn't when they are telling you your cows are eating their prized rose bushes...

Finally, community is virtual. The fact is, the internet, in conjunction with various social media platforms allow us to do what we do. We interact with customers, fellow growers, and mentors from all over the world. We are truly blessed to have an enormous wealth of knowledge available at the touch of a keyboard. Growers may live in many different lands, but in general we all have about the same issues as we go though life.

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Living Free in Tennessee

Come join Nicole Sauce as she explores a variety of topics from finance to farmstead and everything in between.  

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